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The scanned file is uploaded to software that he can use to move your teeth to their ideal positions and get the precise measurements of the distances required to perfect your smile. He can then place digital braces on them so that he knows that when the wires are straight - so are your teeth. It's not just for braces, though -- this same scan can be used instead to make retainers or even aligners to move your teeth.

Step 4

Finally, these files of your teeth are 3D printed in his office in about 30 minutes.  The retainers and aligners produced by this process allow your treatment to be as short and comfortable as possible. Some treatments can be done in as little as 6 months of braces.

Step 2

The most important step is making the right plan. In order to formulate the most custom diagnosis and treatment plan, Dr Kenworthy obtains a 3D digital x-ray of your jaws which emits less radiation than the old flat X-rays while giving him more information. He will discuss the radiographic findings and let you know which of them need treatment and why.

Fast Digital Treatment

Step 3


Be Groovy.                        

Step 1​

An ultra accurate 3D video scan of your teeth and gums is then obtained with a scanner that gives Dr Kenworthy a digital 3D model of each of your teeth. This system is far more accurate than the goop that orthodontists used to use to create a plaster representation of your teeth.

Modern orthodontic treatment has improved from the days of headgear and metal braces.

These changes improve patient care and Dr Kenworthy is at the forefront of this change. He has an integrated digital office which makes fully customizable treatment faster, more comfortable, and precise while staying within your budget.  

​ Smile straight.