How long will it take?

Dr Kenworthy uses all the available digital technology to develop and follow a customized treatment plan that will give you give you the most functional and beautiful smile in the shortest time possible.

He chooses only to use the most comfortable and invisible tools to get you there.  If you need braces, he uses braces made of clear unstainable porcelain or he can even put them on the back side of your teeth so they are invisible. In some cases, he can also help you move your teeth with clear aligners, custom built in our office.

 Smile straight.

Dr Kenworthy needs to see you periodically to ensure optimal treatment.  For most patients, he will monitor you once every couple months. However, if you need to be away for a while, he can even monitor the movement and positions of your teeth digitally through your smart phone.

​​Cutting Edge Treatment

What would you do if this were your kid?

How often do I have to come in?

What about pictures?

Dr Kenworthy, his wife, and five sons have all had orthodontic treatment. He treats you like family. First he will explain the problems he finds, then the options to treat them. When he says, "this is what I would do" he means it.

Orthodontic treatment is different for everyone. It depends on where your teeth started and how you want them to finish. However, the techniques Dr Kenworthy has developed allow you to reduce the time you have to wear braces by up to 9 months!

Life happens, right?  What if you have braces on when you need a pic taken - school photos, senior photos, wedding photos?  Since ALL our options are invisible, it is simple to make the appliances disappear during your photo shoot for NO ADDITIONAL COST.  In fact, Dr Kenworthy is wearing braces on the back of his teeth in this selfie.

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